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In the area of sport fishing association "Goran", location Brod na Kupi, there can be found:

River Kupa

-From the firth of the river Čabranka to 1 km downstream of the village Kavrani, on the river Kupa are three transversed rocks.

The area of 35 km is the habitat of these fishes: rotting, trout and sprout.

River Kupica

Lenght of 2,5 km from the fish farm "Homer" to the firth of the river Kupa

River Curak

From the Hydro power plant "Munjara" located in Zeleni Vir to the firth of the Kupica river, 6 km.

Most common catch is the rotting and the trout.

For all of these waters the fishing ticket can be year-old or bought daily. The daily ticket for the fishing costs 150, 00 kn.

River Donja Dobra

- From the village Donja Dobra to the boarder of the municipality Moravice, about 1 km lenght. Most common catch is the trout.

The Wellspring of the Kupa river

- From the firth of Čabranka river upstream, is the part of the river Kupa which is managed by the national park "Risnjak" and because of that, the fishing ticket is special one and that one also costs 150, 00 kn per day.

These waters are fish-added with the fish from the breeding streams (there is about five of them) and also from the vibert vitlock boxes which are filled with fertilized spawn.

Except of these waters, it is possible to visit others nearby:

Kamačnik - about 15 km

Slunjčica - about 80 km

Gacka - about 150 km

Omladinsko jezero Lokve - about 10 km

Prikazane su fotografije od 11 do 20 od ukupno 39.

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